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A Day in the Life of Four Fifty Five: The Team Meeting

studio Team

As Creative Director Noah Parker calls it, “This is where the battle plans are drawn. 

Four FIfty Five Team

Here at Four Fifty Five we have a crack team of experts, ranging from back of house functions like Creative Direction and Business Development to our front of house and day to day operations like social media management and grade ‘A’ Fit Specialists. Each team member is an integral cog in the machine that is ‘455’.
To keep this operation moving like the well oiled machine it is, communication is the key to success. Every week our team sits down for a drink like the family we are, to discuss our accomplishments and areas where the slack needs to be tightened. This gathering of our team serves as a breath of fresh air from the hustle and bustle of our busy urban Toronto living. No matter the schedule for each team member, everyone takes the time to get those vital face to face interactions with our colleagues, in between the cleverly crafted emails and hastily planned late night conference calls.

Four Fifty Five, Ben Badiuk, Kevin Power
As Creative Director Noah Parker calls it, “This is where the battle plans are drawn”.   
With all autonomous pieces of the puzzle working in each and every direction, this weekly sit down ensures that the team is working single mindedly and on the same page. Here is where we can share our insights for the future and projects that will be the fuel to our fire. Keeping the team up to date with our weekly tasks proves to be the best way to stay organized and mutually responsible for the longevity our company.
As the team reflects on the past week, it’s important to always keep our eyes fixed on the future, to always be taking that next step forward. With that in mind, we are always reviewing and improving our process. Streamlining our customer experience while always holding the highest standards of satisfaction.

Four FIfty Five Showroom
With all facets of the company in one room, this is when we can keep sharp on our product knowledge and review our process end to end. Both and front and back of house is involved in this endeavour, the tried and true method to ensure a cohesive experience for both our clients and colleagues.
A company built on inside jokes and the like, Operations Director Jake Parker shares his words from the wise, “Always be closing!”. An only half serious ode the the great Wolf of Wall Street, is his own way of saying ‘Keep your eyes on the prize! Keep your plate full and always be doing your best to finish the task at hand while moving on to the next demand of the week. One step at a time.’
As the drinks get stronger, and the talk of business concludes, the team transitions to more serious matters, generally the state of affairs concerning Canadian hockey franchises vying for the coveted Stanley Cup or the political blunders south of the border, (sincerest apologies to our Yankee brothers and sisters).
455 studio
While serious matters remain serious it’s important to always remember to have fun with what you're doing, and with a passion like ours, it’s often difficult to discern the work from the fun aspects of the job. At the end of the day, we’re a close knit group of friends doing what we love! Providing the ladies and gents of our clientele with the highest level of quality custom garments and delivering a uniquely superior experience.
 A very special thank you to our dear friend, René Gibson, for capturing our most intimate of moments as a family and  embodying  the true spirit of Four Fifty Five.
René- Vôtre est l'esprit de grandeur, merci et bonne nuit.
Kevin Power, Brand Manager

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