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A Shout Out to all the Rad Dads

four fifty five
As you all know, Father's Day is fast approaching and the Four Fifty Five guys could not be more excited. Not only do we have the chance to honor many of the father figures in our lives, but we also get to supply some of the coolest Father's Day gifts that one could possibly imagine. Take a look at Howard Parker, father of our two founders Noah and Jake. Most dad's sport the classic bulky Nike runners and a Margaritaville t-shirt, however Hojo is much different. Here, you can spot him rocking our Kensington tie; arguably our most popular accessory to date. 
four fifty five
Because we care so much about dads looking fresh, we decided to switch things up this year and offer an exclusive set of Father's Day accessory boxes. Consider it a Four Fifty Five starter kit. The next thing you know, your dad will be stopping by the studio for his first made to measure suit. You can also expect to make way more friends, because everyone's going to want to come over and hang out with the cool dad.
four fifty five
Just how rad will our accessories make your dad? About as rad as the coolest dad we know, Mr. Greg Rainbird. As one of our favourite Instagram influencers, Rainbird constantly introduces new looks to his wardrobe and always switches things up. You can follow him at @iamrainbird on Instagram, and will oftentimes see him rocking some pieces by Four Fifty Five.
Long story short, Four Fifty Five has got your back this Father's Day. You can thank us later when your dad becomes insta-famous.
To pick up your very own accessory box, visit:

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