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An Early Morning Shoot to Start The Day

Four Fifty Five News Shoot Studio


Some folks like to start their morning at the gym, whereas others like to enjoy the morning paper over a warm cup of tea. Here at Four Fifty Five, we like to start our day with a nice photoshoot. There’s nothing quite like dragging yourself out of bed knowing that in a few hours, you’re going to have a lot more content to make your Instagram feed look fabulous.
The morning usually starts like A Day in the Life by The Beatles, “Woke up, fell out of bed, dragged a comb across my head. Found my way downstairs and drank a cup and looking up, I noticed I was late”. Everybody scrambles around to gather their belongings as the Uber arrives, then we all squeeze into the car and head to the west end. At this point, all you can hope is that you didn’t leave anything behind.
Arriving at the studio, it's tough to jump right into things, especially when nobody has had any coffee. After a quick breakfast run to Tim Horton’s, the whole squad is energized and ready to go. Once we coordinate our outfits and test out the studio lighting, we’re ready to start the shoot.
It’s always a plus when the studio you’re shooting at is owned by your best friend. The one and only Eric Watters comes in clutch when it comes to making us look good (if you want to shoot with him, visit: He always knows what we’re looking for, so we can just sit back, relax and let him work his magic.
noah parker 455
You have all the more reason to feel great when the shoot wraps up at 11 AM and you’ve finished some daily tasks before lunchtime. All that’s left to do now is pack up and do a little exploring around the studio building. A celebratory slice of pizza is also necessary. Shout out to Pizzaiolo for having a location at every major intersection in Toronto.
four fifty five 455
Let’s not forget about the final outcome from the shoot. For a bunch of average looking dudes, we make a pretty good looking ad campaign.
That’s all for now from the Four Fifty Five boys, stay tuned for our spring collection release, studio launch party and more!

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