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Coffee Black, Scotch Neat: A Taste of Four Fifty Five

four fifty five

In an ever evolving world of fashion, it can be challenging to stay on top of your game. Our solution? A well fitting suit. An impeccable fit serves as an encasing suit of armour for the modern gentleman. Chivalry isn't quite dead yet, ladies. Trends may come and go with the change of a season, but a suit and tie stands the test of time.

We’re talking about the greats here; Humphrey Bogart, Leonard Cohen, the great Sean Connery, the list goes on... these gents championed a new era of the suiting game and put dressing well and acting distinguished on the map. More than a few years later, and a couple trips to the tailor to taper those bad boys up, and you have found our style. Modern, and distinguished. Stand out from a crowd as today’s man with a tapered fit. You can leave Grandpa’s slacks at home.

This serves as an introduction to all things Four Fifty Five; our tastes (Neat, obviously) and how we view the world of men’s fashion in 2017. To give you a look behind the curtain of a modern gent’s Tailor Shop, we sat down for a drink with the Creative Director and co-founder of Four Fifty Five, Noah Parker, to gain his insights and some tips and tricks of his trade.

Evening Mr. Parker.

Great to see you!

Always a pleasure. Let’s jump right in.

Yes, let’s.

Describe our style in one phrase.

Four Fifty Five’s style is pretty unique.  You’ll notice there aren’t any bells & whistles in our online presence.  We really believe that our clothing sells itself, and we’re not relying on marketing gimmicks to get guys in the door.  Our style is slim, form fitting, yet comfortable professional wear.  We like to show off our cuffs and our socks, but know that there is a fine line that can’t be crossed in most offices.  However, our style is truly dependent on each of our clients.  Our guys are unique, and so are their styles.

What inspired you to start 455?

I hated the status quo.  I didn’t like the corporate feel of menswear; I couldn’t get behind the brands that looked at guys with dollar signs in their eyes instead of style ideas in their heads.  I wanted a brand that cares about each client, helps them build their own style, and not force guys into suits they don’t need.

What separates 455 from the rest?

We don’t overprice our garments like most folks, and we take care in our appointment process.  You’re not a number to us,  every piece of clothing we make is an extension of our brand, and we act accordingly.  You can expect to have more money in your pocket at the end of our appointments, and a fit you can be proud of.

Explain the travelling tailor model?

We’ll show up wherever you’ll let us, measure you up, pick your materials, customize your clothing and deliver wherever you are.  We’re proud to offer the easiest and most accessible way to get custom clothing.   A lot of our guys are simply too busy to take the time off to visit a shop multiple times, so we’ll come to you.  Alternatively, we host pop-up fitting events around town to get closer to our clients, and turn walk-bys to walk-ins.

four fifty five

Top style icon right now?

I’m digging what I’m seeing on Toronto streets these days, in particular I’m loving the layering up of thermal vests under jackets to give that distinctly Toronto look, warmth and fashion at the same time.  It’s a great Canadian pastime, keeping warm and fashionable, one that I think Torontonians are particularly good at.

What's one style tool you'd give any guy?

If you don’t have multiple colours of dress shoes, you’re behind the game.  A lot of guys don’t consider the following, you wouldn’t wear the same jeans all week, so why would you wear the same shoes?  I’d say add some diversity to your footwear game, and you’ll see the eyeballs follow you on your way to work.

four fifty five

What’s biggest don't, favourite do?

Biggest don’t: do. not. do. up. all. the. vest. buttons.  I die a little inside when I see the 5th button of a vest done up,  King Henry would be rolling in his grave.  Biggest Do: Polish your shoes.  I’d rather someone be barefoot than have scuffed up oxfords.  Who needs new shoes when you can polish your Dad’s old loafers?

Where do you see 455 in a year? In two? Five?

In a year, hopefully we’ll have somewhere to call home.  I’d love to get a studio going, where our guys can truly immerse themselves in the possibility we offer in clothing. 2 years, 5 years?  Hopefully GQ will be an active fan by then, and hopefully I’ll be better dressed than I am today.

four fifty five

Great! Thanks for your time, my friend.

Simply put, Four Fifty Five is your one stop shop for all things a man. From chinos to a modern take on the double breasted blazer. Our goal is to provide a truly superior and personal experience for each and every gent we tailor, keeping your needs, fit, and style close to our  hearts.

Stay tuned for more exciting things out of your Mom and Pop tailor shop. Goodnight, from Four Fifty Five.

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