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Four Fifty Five Women's Wear? You Heard Correct

 four fifty five custom suits menswear made to measure

As announced a few months back, we are in the process of making our made to measure women’s collection available to the public. All the Four Fifty Five guys are extremely proud to be unveiling the collection later this summer, and to have already begun welcoming female clientele into our studio for fittings and consultations.

We find ourselves in a time like no other, with the continuous rise of fast fashion and endless local shops available. Moreover, it is becoming more and more difficult to find a genuine garment that fits all needs. Our clients have expressed their deep frustrations with finding potentially perfect pieces only to be disheartened when something doesn't quite fit right, or proves to not convey the level of professionalism needed in their workplace. Be it young businesswomen, recent grads, lawyers, doctors, designers or writers, we’ve heard the well-founded retail resentment and are here to tell you that there is a solution.

four fifty five made to measure clothing custom suits

A one size fits all mentality does not suit the needs nor wants of women, so why be constrained by dictated styles and sizing? Four Fifty Five provides a custom-tailored experience for each and every client, of any gender, and delivers high quality made to measure garments at a fair price. Our starter two piece suits, jacket with pant or skirt, are priced alongside our name sake, 455 and shirts start at just $99. This of course includes every customization we offer with no hidden fees or costs. With us, it is as simple as “what you see is what you get”.

four fifty five made to measure clothing custom suits

We truly believe that women should be in the driver’s seat of their own empowerment, and how better to do that than in clothing that commands respect while giving you the lasting feeling of confidence. We start with a complete 20 measurements, giving us the highest level of accuracy possible to provide you with a great fitting garment. In our rustic design studio, we take the time to go in depth with every option that we provide. Looking for a full length suit and trouser? We can do that. Perhaps a ¾ length sleeve and skirt to pair? You got it. Just a blazer or shirt? Let’s start with a fabric. Our customization process is extensive, with hundreds of fabrics to choose from. Each garment we make is one of a kind and specifically designed for every customer.

four fifty five made to measure clothing custom suits

In our experience, the most satisfaction a client can have is when the power is in their hands, when they can create and be a part of the process. A day in the studio is far more interesting when we can craft something truly unique on a person to person basis, and our client walks away feeling confident and proud in what they wear. Be it something creatively casual or purely professional, you can dream it we can make it.

Book an appointment today for a consultation! We’ll begin the process with a profile and chat about your thoughts on fashion. No obligations or fees during our appointments.

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