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What a Launch!

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Over the past 18 months, the guys at Four Fifty Five have been hustling to bring you a chique and new approach to custom made clothing. Just a few weeks back, we were able to celebrate all of that hard work at our studio launch party. The night was one for the books; Laid back tunes playing through the night, delicious catering and craft beer keeping us full, and most importantly, friends, family and customers showing their support.
four fifty five
The night was electrified with lively conversation that flowed from each corner of the studio. Crowds were as diverse as the city we call home, coming from all ends of Toronto and representing many of the different industries that thrive here. With drinks in hand: supporters mingled together unanimously celebrating the once startup and now fully launched company to the public, declaring, “Open for business!” The excitement was tangibly reflected by everyone in attendance.  
Four Fifty Five
Honoured guests danced the night away until a hush fell over the crowd; a toast was to be made. Creative Director Noah Parker and his counterpart managing director, Jake Parker, made their way through the crowd and into the spotlight. The two called upon their team members to join them and together, the now group of six, gave their warm wishes and thank-you’s to the ensemble. The brothers recounted a time of the company’s founding, pointing out those in the crowd that had brought them to this very moment. In front of dozens of attendees, the brothers spoke of a mentor, two very special parents celebrating their 27th anniversary, as well as close friends who continue to support the cause. With a great applause from those in attendance, the party regained momentum and continued into the night.
Four Fifty Five
With the supply of beer and cider running dry, and the early hours of the morning fast approaching, the celebration slowly subsided. As Closing Time by Semisonic played blissfully in the distance, friends, family and supporters filed out one-by-one, some heading home and others taking the party elsewhere. After a quick clean of the studio and a few celebratory slices of pizza, the Four Fifty Five team closed out the night at their favourite local bar, for one last toast to the evening… and the rest is history.
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